El papel del intérprete

En el vídeo varios intérpretes hablan de su profesión y de lo que para ellos supone ser intérpretes.
¿lingüistas, puentes, traductores, comunicadores, facilitadores, enlaces invisibles, …. artistas?

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  1. miguel


    I’m studying a degree in languages with the specialization in translation and interpretation and I found so interesting this documentary because the role of an interpreter is so important and sometimes it’s not recognized or appreciated.

    Excellent documentary!

  2. autor

    Thank you for your comment Mike. You are absolutely right: interpreters are descreet and invisible facilitators of communication and are seldom recognized. They are often the forgotten party at conferences and meetings (see http://www.aiic.net/ViewPage.cfm/page1178.htm), but from time to time you can read some praiseworthy words for interpreters that cheer you up:


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